San Diego Soling Fleet

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Soling Organizations

Brazilian World's 2004

International Soling Association

United States Soling Association

British Soling Association

Austrailian International Soling Association

Soling Sailing in Canada

Europe Dingy Class Links

Soling Sailing in Switzerland


Soling Fleets

Alamitos Bay Yacht Club

Orcas Island Yacht Club

Milwaukee Bay Soling Fleet

Blackpool and Fleetwood Yacht Club

Miami Sailing Club

Boston Sailing Center

Canadian Soling Association


Soling Builders

Abbott Boats, Inc.

Borreson Boats


Soling News

Star in, Solings out for next Olympics, Athens 2004

Sydney Olympic Results 2000


Fleet Race Strategy

Buddy Melges Interview

Lowell North Interview


Match Race Strategy


Sail Trim

North Sails One Design - Soling

Doyle One Design – Soling

UK Sailmakers Sail Encylopedia

Upwind Sail Trim Techniques

The Winning Formula

Boston Sailing Center – Upwind Speed



Boat Tuning



ISAF International Judges Conference


General Yacht Racing


US Sailing



San Diego Yacht Racing

San Diego Yacht Club

Cortez Racing Association

PHRF San Diego

Yacht Racing Union of Southern California

Southern California Yachting Association

San Diego Association of Yacht Clubs